In Latin, “colabit” means to refine. This is the true essence of indie game developers. We are on a journey which requires us to constantly learn from our past mistakes and which shapes us into the creators we are today. We have less resources than the big name brands who have massive groups of artists, designers, programmers, and marketers at their disposal. However, ingrained in all of us lays the indie mentality of making something from nothing. We play many different roles and know full well that we are 100% accountable for our actions. If (when) we fail, there is no one to blame but ourselves. But, failing is not a bad thing. To constantly fail, is a testament to our resiliency and perseverance and is what helps us to refine our skills. With nothing but a computer and a dream, we are all on the same journey, yet one that is unique to each and every one of us. The purpose of The Cola Bit is to document these journeys in order to inspire and enrich indie game developer’s everyday experience.

We are now in an era where big name news publications just show the end result of highly successful indie games. These articles cause great interest and spark many people to jump on the boat and flock to the “gold rush” that is happening right before their eyes. Many will then get discouraged and wonder why they are not experiencing the same kind of success. This is partly due to these publications which provide the inspiration without showing the hard work. Soon, the people who were just in it for the money will leave the indie scene and all that is left are the true hobbyists. The true indies who will keep working hard on their project until it’s polished and they’re proud to show it off. The Cola Bit will feature indie game developers from all landscapes and levels of success (from your Uncle Joe to developers so successful, that they have changed the indie scene forever). If you only observe the success, that is survivorship bias. I would consider the advice from failures just as much as advice from the successful.

I am here to offer that transparency and raw insight of all parts of the indie game development process. There is something rewarding in watching your fellow peers work hard in their endeavor, then watch their success come to life. The Cola Bit is a portal that takes indie game developers beyond his/her own sphere of influence. It is a platform that collectively displays all obstacles and accomplishments of our journey in order to inspire and show the unique passion that burns inside all of us. The Cola Bit is an online publication FOR indie game developers BY indie game developers.


Jason Chitla

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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